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Water Treatment Services 

Produced Water Treatment

Produced water management and disposal challenges are growing, along with the increased production of oil and gas wells. It is estimated that for every 1 barrel of oil produced there is 8 to 10 barrels of produced water recovered. To decrease costs associated with produced water management, water reuse and recycle technologies are implemented.  

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Our Chemical Free
Water Treatment Process

Our Servuces

EC is non-toxic, advanced and chemical free oxidation can directly and indirectly oxidize small organic pollutants.  The removal of heavy metals from industrial waste has become one of the most essential applications in wastewater treatment. 

Chemical Metering

Motor Driven Metering Pumps.Accurate dosing,compact design.
Flexible internal design makes customization realizable.

Nano Technology

Maximizes the reuse of water, slashes transportation and disposal costs. Operating costs can be dramatically reduced.

Electrolysis of Water

The electrolytic oxidation of an appropriate anode material introduced highly charged electrostatic charges on suspended solids and oil droplets to facilitate agglomeration and resultant separation from the aqueous phase.

Process Pumps

Horizontal Multistage Centrifugal Water Pump.

New design will increase the efficiency of the multistage pump and extended pump's working life.


Our consulting services team for wastewater treatment specializes in providing solutions for the refining and oil industry’s unique wastewater treatment challenges.


"... This water, if treated efficiently and economically, may be used as a
new water resource."

Jason Strauss
CEO of ML Associates


More info upon request...

The process is easy to understand and every aspect is defined by forces of nature including ionic principals, ionic equilibrium and some physical chemistry (which to most of us is not so simple). Our single unit is designed to process 7500bbl per day of water.

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