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Electrolysis of Water and Oxidation

frack water treatment technology

On-site generation is a proven, cost-effective, reliable and safe alternative treatment to chlorine gas and bulk sodium hypochlorite disinfection.

We utilizing our proprietary designed water electrolyses system. 

Our suppliers of Non-ferrous Metals and water treament equipment, specialized in producing of MMO Coated Titanium Anode and Electrolyses of water.
This products are widely used in Aviation, Marine, Petroleum, Chemical, Power Metallurgy, Medicine, Sports, Electronics, Vacuum coating industry etc.


We provide customers with professional industry solution. We firmly believe a philosophy of Striving for perfection, pursuing remarkable and always adhere to the service and quality.

What is unique about direct electrolysis of water?

Disinfection of water by direct electrolysis is a kind of oxidative treatment of water, but is fundamentally different from the common methods of disinfection in that the oxidizers are made from the water itself, and are not introduced from the outside and, having fulfilled its function, go back to the previous state.

The effectiveness of water disinfection by direct electrolysis is several times higher compared to chemical methods. Direct electrolysis of water helps to remove chromaticity, hydrogen sulfide, ammonium of the source water.

Chlorine, which is necessary to prevent secondary bacterial contamination of water in distribution networks, is activated from natural mineral salts in water passing through the electrolyzer and instantly dissolves in it.
Direct electrolysis destroys chloramines, converting them into nitrogen and salt.



• Produced Water Treatment

• Potable Water Treatment

• Aquatics and Pools

• Odor Control/Corrosion Control

• Food & Beverage Processing

• Wastewater Treatment

• Cooling Towers, Inland Power Stations & Industry

• Irrigation Systems

• Agriculture/Farming


industrial water cleaning
oil and gas water treatment
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