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Multistage Water Pumps

The 1200ft multistage water pump is horizontal multistage centrifugal pump. The impellers in this series multistage pump are symmetically, which could eliminate the axial force. As there is no balance devices, there is no friction loss and return loss. This new design will increase the efficiency of the multistage pump and avoid the problems casued by the balance devices, that extended the pumps' working life.

Features of 160kw Horizontal Multistage Water Pump

a. No axial clearances when pump working and stop

b. Low vibration and noise

c. By canceling easy-failing balancing disc, pump reliablity is greatly improved,   maintenance frequency and maintenance cost are reduced.

d. Unique throttling and pressure reduction devices, odd-level balancing device.


Applications of 160kw Horizontal Multistage Water Pump

  • Water supply and drainage

  • Marine—Ballasting & Bilge

  • Booster and pressurization set

  • Irrigation and agriculture

  • Food and chemical industry(with stainless steel material)

300 PSI 290GPM Multistage pumps designed to work with NANO reactors
wastewater treatment
produced water services
produced water cleaning
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