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Oil and Gas

“Produced water” is the oil and gas industry term for any water that comes out of the oil or gas reservoir as part of the production process. Oil reservoirs often contain large volumes of water, while gas reservoirs typically have smaller quantities.

Due to increasing environmental awareness and regulations, disposal to surface waters and evaporation ponds is becoming less prevalent.  Produced water is considered an industrial waste, subject to standards defined and issued by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.


Treatment solutions for lower costs and higher quality.

Industrial water — water drawn from wells, surface and municipal sources to be used for heating, cooling, washing, rinsing and other processes — must often be treated in order to protect equipment and keep costs down. Minerals and bacteria in source water can reduce the efficiency and operating life of boilers and other systems. And if water is used in production processes, impurities can directly affect product quality.


Ensuring operational stability and future profitability in a volatile marketing climate means employing a cost-effective water and wastewater management program that optimizes the use of every drop of clean water.

Solution for the treatment and reuse of the large amounts of wastewater generated from agricultural processing operations.

Enviro technology can solve the most challenging agricultural related wastewater challenges.

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